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Rob 3 words...random obvious boner

Rob is the man behind our 3 words...posts on FaceBook. And the reason the fans love it is, no internal sensor. That's right Rob has absolutely no internal sensor. This guy says what ever pops into his sexually charged, psychotic, silly psyche. We only wish he would limit himself to 3 words. But that's not going to happen. Rob was always a talker. And that's how we get most of our support. In an effort to shut Rob up people give him what he wants. So what if he thinks it's his oratory skills. It gets the job done and we don't have to listen to him for a while. Rob also writes and performs "in 3 words" he's a handful!

Steve 3 words...can't remember shit.

Well that's not true. He can't hear shit. But we digress; Steve has authored some of DT most enduring sketches. Not the funniest but still they've stood the test of time. Seriously Steve's sketches are funny and everyone always says, "what's up with Steve?" and we say, "nothin', why?" and they say, "no reason." Any hoo Steve brings it on stage and everyone in the audience had better be on their toes. 'Cuz he's short and hard to see. Ok that's enough teasing. Steve Henderson "in 3 words" living (almost) legend.

Pete 3 words...big bald guy...

but oh he's so much more...he's a seething angry man that keeps it all bubbling below the surface so everyone thinks he's one of the nicest men on earth. But no, he simply channels all his anger into hilarious sketches and audience pleasing performances. To know Pete is to be completely fooled by the representative his warped mind sends out to greet you. So this guy is acting 24-7. That's dedication to the (overused) craft. Pete Calrson "in 3 words", he's an enigma.

Connie 3 words...did she just...?

She seems to thrive on the adrenaline rush of taking big risks on stage and they always pay off. She is definitely at home as one of the guys and still remains all girl. She has excellent timing, why just the other day...well let's just say she has good timing. Any hooo , who else are ya gonna get to act like a shrew and dress up as a like the hulk, green make up and all. And then shave her legs on stage...well let's just one. No one but the incomparable Ms Connie 3 words...She's a smasher!

Will 3 words...midway courtesy flushes.

Will wrote that line in his first sketch that was performed by DT. We still are confused but laugh nonetheless. Nonetheless is a funny's 3 words, pushed together. Back to Will though, He saw his first DT show at 12 and he said to his mom, Carol, "I'm gonna do that someday!" Thinking it was just a phase she ignored him. Big mistake. Will's characters are some very fascinating people. No one you'd wanna spend time with but fun to watch from a safe distance. Will Munro "in 3 words" I told ya!

Guest 3 words...we miss 'em

The following actors appeared with Disturbed Theatre for extended periods of time and have now moved on but are welcome back whenever they can tolerate us again.

Anna 3 words...she's "The Girl"

Anna was the first actress who not only could put up with our shit but "got it". She joined us right before our first real success and was there for some really fun shows. She actually was the inspiration for Secret Asian Man when at a rehearsal she said, "Let's do a sketch where we all talk in bad Asian accents." At the show Pete and Rob were backstage and listening to Secret Agent Man and Pete said, "huh, it sounds like he's saying secret Asian man." That was all Rob needed to write the most politically incorrect sketch we've ever done. Anna is now a Mom to her little girl Rowan and a librarian but to us she will always be "in 3 words" Won Hot Chik!

Craig 3 words..."the funny one"

Craig was the first (4th) actor to ever make us feel like we needed to get this guy more stage time. The 4th guy was always the waiter taking orders in a restaurant sketch and Craig could do more with the crap roles we gave him that we simply began writing bigger roles for him. And when he tired of that he started writing his own sketches. He also was invaluable on video production. His signature video piece being the 4-part DT True Hollywood Story. Not surprisingly to us Craig went on to film school and is now living in Hollywood and perusing his craft. Someday he may even pursue it. Seriously though he has worked on several films and has been seen in shows like Big Bang Theory, Chuck and the Mentalist. Craig Duda is "in 3 words" livin' the dream!

Joni (Cossaboom) 3 words..."keeps 'em laughing"

Joni had a great feel for the audience when they were laughing and could ad lib that laugh into guffaws. She was quick and funny and always went for the audiences' throat. She made Steve's Educating Junior into one of the funniest sketches we've ever done and Steve will be the first to say brought his game up in that sketch. She took on many of the roles Anna had established and made them her own showing everyone especially us her genuine comedic chops. There is an excellent interview in DT True Hollywood Story were she and Anna discuss what it's like to work with DT. It's classic. She also brought Craig Duda into the troupe. We like her anyway. And because we always thought we were interrupting her reading at rehearsal, Joni will always be "in 3 words" Disturbed Theatre's  Ingénue.

Jen 3 words..."Topless in rehearsal"

Jenny is a terrific comedic actress who has made us all laugh with her broad over the top characterizations and her willingness to lift up her shirt and show her breasts at the drop of a hat. All right stop dropping your hats it's just an expression. Jen brought her fresh, funny self into each character including and perhaps especially as Won Hot Mama in Secret Asian Man, Too, The Sequel. She played a woman as a man in "CRS" and was one of Steve's best foils in "Head Games" Jen will always be "in 3 words" over the top...less.

Finally a special tribute 3 words..."one funny lady"

Elaine Kabat 3 words..."our best audience"

Elaine passed away a few years ago but not before giving us the pleasure of her company at rehearsals and gracing our shows with her talent. She was an original member of DT and played with us on and off for many years. And when I say played with us, and by that we mean no disrespect. We were just beating Lainey to the punchline. She loved sexual innuendo especially at her expense. She had a wonderful laugh and a talent for making others laugh too. She established the character of Mrs. Carminster in "Head Games" and was the craziest woman to ever play in "Pie Man" mostly because we had no Idea what she was going to say. Sometimes the script was merely a guideline for Lainey. She will always be "in 3 words" very truly missed.

The Techies

Tina Padgett is running the "The Show" lights, sound., stage management, costumes...everything. We're not sure why we are even here really. We find it troubling that she is constantly reminding us of her ability to bring the show to its knees with one flip of the wrong switch. But having a woman in control makes us feel secure.

The Crew

Aidan Murphy and Scott Carlson manage the stage with an air that can only suggest the complete embarrassment they feel over their father's performances in the show. But it's their own fault. They wanted to know where we went every night.

Videography and Editing

Keeping in the tradition of nepotism is cheap we we're lucky that film student Emma Carlson did a fantastic job with all of our video production. And she had the difficult task of making us look good on video. We sincerely apologize to her and hope she will forgive us.